Choosing the Right Meridian Boat Ladders or Stairs

Almost any boat owner will be more than willing to admit that the Meridian range of boats and yachts are among the absolute best options out there. As a result, it is important for owners of these majestic machines to ensure that they only purchase the highest quality boarding stairs for Meridian yachts that they can afford. Depending on the activities that will be enjoyed aboard the yacht, boat owners can choose from a wide range of ladders or stairs.

Which is the Better Option?

When the topic of Meridian boat ladders is mentioned in boating circles, not all boat and yacht owners are aware that they can choose between having a set of stairs or a ladder installed. To ensure that the correct boarding and disembarking equipment is installed, it’s important to know beforehand what activities will be taking place on board. If the vessel in question is going to be used for pleasure trips, a sturdy, high quality set of boarding stairs will be required. However, if passengers on the yacht or boat are going to be swimming or diving as well as cruising, there are a few different types of Meridian boat ladders that may be recommended instead.

Available Types of Stairs

Yacht stairs are available in a wide range of size options and finishes, enabling boat owners to choose a set that are not only practical, but that also boast a highly attractive appearance and will be complimentary to their vessel’s overall appearance. At present, boat owners can choose between the regular black non-skid stairs, faux teak or teak inlay stairs. Each of the available stair sets include a sturdy and comfortable hand rail and they have been specially designed to ensure that passengers of all ages will be able to step on to a Meridian Yacht or Boat with absolute ease and confidence. Continue reading


Choose New Wave Fabrication for your Ferretti Boat Ladders & Stairs

New Wave Fabrication offers our customers the high-quality Ferretti boat ladders and stairs that they need. With over 30 years of successful business and service to our customers, we guarantee to help you find the perfect ladder or stairs for your boat.

Why you should Make New Wave Fabrication your Choice

You should choose New Wave Fabrication to help customize the ladders or stairs for your boat or boat because we have a wide variety of steel and aluminum fabrications to choose from. Durability and quality are important to us and they are important to you. This is why we guarantee our products are of the highest quality you will find. When you choose New Wave, you are taking care of yourself and your luxury boat, because we will make sure your vessel is supplied with the finest products available today.

What Makes New Wave Better than Competitors?

New Wave offers you the highest quality boat products with reasonable prices, putting us a step ahead of our competitors. It can be difficult to find ladders and stairs for your boat that have great quality and durability, but are at a reasonable price. If you choose New Wave to provide you with your Ferretti boat ladders and stairs, you will not be disappointed with the quality or the prices of our products. If you want to customize your boat with an elegant and expensive look, but do not want to spend all of the money required to do so, New Wave is the company for you.

Stairs we Offer for Ferretti Boats

Our options of boat stairs are truly endless. At New Wave, we’ll provide you with quality stairs that are stylish, comfortable, and durable, at prices that are impossible to beat. We build our stairs with great care and attention to detail, making them the safest option for your boat or boat. We have three grades of marine stairs that we offer customers who desire an upgrade for their Ferretti boat. All three of our marine grades include a wide variety of designs, so it is a guarantee that you will find one that will make your boat or boat unique.

Ladders we Offer for Ferretti Boats

We offer the best ladders you will find anywhere. They are designed by a group of people in Florida who have a passion for producing high-quality ladders for your Ferretti boat. Picking the perfect one for your boat or boat will be one of the hardest and most important decisions you will make in the customizing process. We want to make sure you make the right choice for you and your boat. With our low prices that beat all competing brands, and our goal to satisfy our customers, you will not be let down if you let us customize your boat.

New Wave Fabrication is here for all of your Ferretti boat boarding needs. Choose New Wave, and we guarantee you will be completely satisfied with our service.