Can you fabricate aluminum and stainless steel to my exact specifications?

Yes, New Wave can work with design specifications, blueprints, or simple diagrams and basic measurements. The craftsmen at New Wave have been designing and building custom projects for yacht and boat owners for many years.

Do you ship your ladders and stairs locally, nationally or globally?

New Wave can provide shipping of stairs and ladders throughout the United States and to most international destinations. In fact, New Wave will ship nearly any of its products, parts and accessories.

Do you provide installation services?

New Wave offers certified installation in a limited region. Ask your representative whether there is an installation professional in your area.

How long before I can receive a custom fabrication order?

Depending on your project, New Wave can deliver a custom fabrication within 3-6 weeks from the time of detailed specification and order. Allow more time if we have to ship internationally as we may require shipping by boat.

Can you provide replacement parts for your stairs and ladders?

Yes, in fact New Wave can provide replacement parts and accessories for nearly any marine stair or ladder on the market. New Wave can also model replacement parts off of pictures, or in support of the renovation of nearly any vessel from the past.

Do you offer any kind of guarantee or warranty on your products?

Yes, most New Wave products come with a limited warranty on parts and labor. Just ask your representative for more details depending on your individual requirements.

Are your products more or less expensive than your competition?

Not only are New Wave products less expensive than the competition, they are actually higher quality and lighter in weight also. These are the best products at the best prices and the best customer service in the business.

Contact New Wave Fabrication with any additional questions.