Choosing a Safe Boarding Ladder for Your Beneteau Boat

After you’ve had your brand new boat ladder installed, you must learn how to safely board passengers in order to prevent accidents and injuries. One wrong step could have you or them on the floor—or worse—in the water. New Wave Fabrication will make sure your ladder or stairs are installed properly for the safety of you and your passengers.

Proper Size and Installation

The first thing you need to do begins prior to installation. When selecting your sea stairs or ladder, make sure you select a ladder that is the proper size so that it fits into place. If you have a Beneteau boat, New Wave Fabrication has you covered, for they offer Beneteau boat ladders in various shapes and sizes that are built specifically for Beneteau boats. Never buy an old, used ladder for your boat, for you want one that is custom made to support your weight.

Safety Features

One of the most significant aspects of Beneteau sea ladders is safety. New Wave Fabrication offers the option to add non-stick treads to the ladder to prevent slips and falls. You also want your ladder to extend away from the boat, giving your feet enough room for stepping while keeping them from getting caught in the ladder. If your boat has stairs, however, the side handles should be positioned approximately one to two feet above deck level to ensure a firm and comfortable grip while boarding.

Parking the Boat

When parking the boat, try to bring it as close to the dock as possible to minimize the gap between the boat and the dock. This is crucial when entering or exiting the boat using a ladder. Boat stairs, however, give you more room for error. Also, park the boat carefully and slowly to avoid colliding with the dock or other objects. Once the boat is parked, tie it securely to the pier so that it doesn’t move or shake while passengers are boarding.

Boarding the Boat

Use the hand rails when you ascend the boat stairs. The last thing to want to do is lose your balance, causing you to fall. Climb the stairs slowly, keeping an eye on your feet. Never text while climbing the stairs and ask for assistance when carrying heavy bags aboard the boat. Remember to board the boat one at a time. Give the person in front of you enough space so they don’t accidentally kick or push you. Only climb up the ladder once it is completely clear.

New Wave Fabrication offers ladders in both aluminum and steel for Beneteau boats. All ladders and boat stairs are constructed with care for superior durability. They are then finished off with a glossy, chrome plated finish for added attractiveness. Beneteau boat ladders will make an excellent addition to your boat or yacht. Remember to use caution and never rush when ascending these ladders. No matter how much of a hurry you in, your safety is most important.


How to Choose a Ladder for Your Marquis Yacht

BMW and Asian Boating Magazine bestow The Asian Yachting Best of the Best Award on the company that designs and builds a yacht that outshines every other yacht built in a particular year. Owners of Marquis Yachts were not surprised that Marquis was honored in 2013, being well aware of the quality of these fine vessels. When a Marquis Yacht needs a new ladder, only the best will do.

Safety First

Yacht owners tend to invite family and friends to ride with them on days when the sun sparkles on the water’s surface: young parents with babies, boisterous teenagers, the aged with arthritic pains and others. The ladder that is used to board your Marquis Yacht must be sturdy and easy to climb; a slip on a set of boat stairs could result in a serious injury. An outstanding ladder manufacturer will be able to explain the safety features that make their product the right choice.

Knowledgeable Manufacturer

A Marquis Yacht owner should deal with ladders manufacturers that know Marquis Yachts; the ladder must work in synch with the yacht, and not all ladders are created equally. A ladder producer that has experience in Marquis boat ladders knows precisely what product will be best for the job, down to the latest in available accessories, that can make embarking and disembarking as easy as possible.

Unshakable Reputation

Marquis Yacht owners can be a great tremendous resource when deciding on a new ladder, asking your fellow yacht owners for advice is a useful process when buying any important accessory for your yacht – particularly a boarding ladder. Asking specific questions regarding sturdiness, quality of material, and whether the rails are easy to grip will get you the information you need to make a good purchasing decision.

Style Counts

An exquisitely designed Marquis yacht is a visual delight, when choosing an accessory like a ladder; you want to make sure that it is a perfect visual fit for your vessel, as well as a safe product of high quality. Marquis Boat ladders can make embarking in tight spaces easy to do while also adding visual appeal; a boat ladder need not sacrifice sturdiness and safety features in the name of visual design and appearance.

Customized for Your Boat

Whether you are partial to a side-boarding yacht ladder or a straight-up option, the design you choose should be customized to fit your vessel – in height, visual design and more. A top-drawer ladder manufacturer has built up considerable experience in creating boarding ladders for vessels of all shapes and sizes, from the Marquis 630 Sport Yacht to the Marquis 560 to the Marquis 720 Tri-Deck.

Marquis boat ladders might seem like a relatively easy purchases to make – at first glance. Though it is the ladder that you and your guests will use to safely embark and disembark your yacht, making it of paramount important that it be a sturdy and safe structure. A ladder that does what it should, that is easy to grip and works hard to prevent slipping – and that is visually appealing is what you should aim for.


Choose New Wave Fabrication for your Ferretti Boat Ladders & Stairs

New Wave Fabrication offers our customers the high-quality Ferretti boat ladders and stairs that they need. With over 30 years of successful business and service to our customers, we guarantee to help you find the perfect ladder or stairs for your boat.

Why you should Make New Wave Fabrication your Choice

You should choose New Wave Fabrication to help customize the ladders or stairs for your boat or boat because we have a wide variety of steel and aluminum fabrications to choose from. Durability and quality are important to us and they are important to you. This is why we guarantee our products are of the highest quality you will find. When you choose New Wave, you are taking care of yourself and your luxury boat, because we will make sure your vessel is supplied with the finest products available today.

What Makes New Wave Better than Competitors?

New Wave offers you the highest quality boat products with reasonable prices, putting us a step ahead of our competitors. It can be difficult to find ladders and stairs for your boat that have great quality and durability, but are at a reasonable price. If you choose New Wave to provide you with your Ferretti boat ladders and stairs, you will not be disappointed with the quality or the prices of our products. If you want to customize your boat with an elegant and expensive look, but do not want to spend all of the money required to do so, New Wave is the company for you.

Stairs we Offer for Ferretti Boats

Our options of boat stairs are truly endless. At New Wave, we’ll provide you with quality stairs that are stylish, comfortable, and durable, at prices that are impossible to beat. We build our stairs with great care and attention to detail, making them the safest option for your boat or boat. We have three grades of marine stairs that we offer customers who desire an upgrade for their Ferretti boat. All three of our marine grades include a wide variety of designs, so it is a guarantee that you will find one that will make your boat or boat unique.

Ladders we Offer for Ferretti Boats

We offer the best ladders you will find anywhere. They are designed by a group of people in Florida who have a passion for producing high-quality ladders for your Ferretti boat. Picking the perfect one for your boat or boat will be one of the hardest and most important decisions you will make in the customizing process. We want to make sure you make the right choice for you and your boat. With our low prices that beat all competing brands, and our goal to satisfy our customers, you will not be let down if you let us customize your boat.

New Wave Fabrication is here for all of your Ferretti boat boarding needs. Choose New Wave, and we guarantee you will be completely satisfied with our service.


Sea Ray Boat Ladders and Stairs

New Wave Fabrication is a well-known and highly regarded company that provides customers with high-quality options of Sea Ray Boat Ladders and Stairs. New Wave has been offering quality sea stairs and ladders for over 30 years, and our custom built products for Sea Ray boats are a favorite.

New Wave Fabrication Ladders for Sea Ray Yachts

The variety of options of Sea Ray Boarding Ladders and Stairs from New Wave Fabrication are amazing. These sea ladders are built and designed by a group of people in Florida who are highly experienced with yachts and love them just as much as you do. Choosing the perfect ladder for your yacht is one of the most important things you will do in the customizing or renovating process. New Wave guarantees you will be satisfied because we offer lower prices than our competing brands, yet still offer the same high-quality products.

Why you should Choose New Wave Fabrication?

You should choose New Wave Fabrication for your yacht ladders and stairs because we specialize in aluminum, steel, and stainless fabrication to suit your yacht, regardless of the size. Our custom Sea Ray products are lightweight, inexpensive, and there is an option for a valuable upgrade for your boat or yacht. Our products are durable and guarantee to last you and your yacht a long time. If you are searching for new stairs or ladders for your Sea Ray yacht, then New Wave Fabrication is the company for you.

3 Grades of Stairs to Choose From

New Wave Fabrication thrives on providing our customers with a variety of options to choose from so that your individual needs are met. The first grade you can choose is the Teak Inlay Step, which is basically a high-end stair with unique touches of elegant designs, making it the perfect addition to any yacht. The second option is the Faux Teak Step, which is an option that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and is soft and guaranteed to last a long time. The third option is the Black Non-Skid Step, which is simply a standard option that provides you with safe boarding and is durable.

You should choose New Wave Fabrication to customize your Sea Ray Boarding Ladders and Stairs because of our hard to beat prices and our guarantee of quality. All of our products are durable, yet they are still aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking to renovate or customize your Sea Ray yacht, New Wave Fabrication is the company for you.


Things to Consider when Choosing Sunseeker Yacht Ladders and Stairs

Boarding a your Sunseeker yacht can be made much easier with the right sea ladders and stairs. When choosing sea stairs and ladders, here are some things you should think about in order to ensure you have precisely the right one for your vessel.

Safety Features

One of the most important features of Sunseeker yacht ladders and stairs is safety. In order to keep people from slipping and falling on the stairs, consider adding non-stick treads to them. You’ll also want your ladder to extend far enough from the side of your yacht so that fingers and toes will not get caught in them while climbing. Your side rails should extend one to two feet above deck level in order to provide a firm place to hold onto when getting on board.

Material for Construction

There are a number of choices available when it comes to materials for boat stairs and ladders. Aluminum is lightweight and inexpensive, and is also durable enough for occasional use. Stainless steel is more expensive, but is also more rugged and durable, which means you can expect it to last longer. Both materials are rust proof and easy to mount. Plastic ladders should be avoided, since their narrow steps can be prone to cracking and breaking. Even so, they are excellent choices for stairs that are used to get from the dock to the boat because those devices have wider steps that are better able to absorb a great deal of weight and pressure.

Swim Platforms

The design of Sunseeker yacht ladders and stairs can be greatly affected by whether or not you would like a swim platform attached to them. Swim platforms can be designed to hold one or two persons, and some also have two ladders extending from them so that more than one person can climb on them at a time. When choosing ladders and stairs with a swim platform attached, be sure that the hardware is not exposed so that swimmers can avoid stepping on it. You should also choose a platform made from waterproof material that also contains a UV coating to keep it from fading. Recycled plastic board that resembles teak wood is an elegant yet attractive option to consider.

Folding vs. Permanent Fixtures

Another choice you will have to make involves folding vs. permanent fixtures. Yacht sea stairs can consist of one or two steps that are constructed of a single piece, or those that look somewhat like ladders do. The distance between your ship’s deck and its dock will largely determine the kind you need. When it comes to ladders, folding ones are best for occasional use, while a permanent one is required if passengers climb in and out of the water on a regular basis.

When it comes to the best Sunseeker yacht ladders and stairs, turn to New Wave Fabrication. We can create ladders and stairs for any size yacht, and you can obtain a free quote by calling 877-628-5501.