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Boat stairs attached to a custom display stand by New Wave FabWhen it is time to buy boat stairs there are several factors to consider. Think about what kind of boat you have. Is it a racing boat built for speed, a fishing charter built for leisure and performance, or a bigger boat meant for sailing in open water?

Do you have older or disabled people, children or families routinely boarding and riding on your boat? Do you have access to a large dock with plenty of space to work with or a more narrow, floating dock that presents challenges when stocking or boarding the boat? Or, does a boat boarding ladder make more sense? As with all aspects of your boat, do you want a beautiful stair that is made of the finest material or do you prefer the most rugged boat stair solution on the market?

Get the Safest and Finest Sea Stairs.

It is important to consider what the boat is being used for and in what conditions when shopping for sea stairs for your boat. It is also important to think about which materials are best for the construction of your particular boat stair since you may require greater traction when stepping aboard, reinforced railings for elderly passengers, or a custom step or repair of some kind.

If you require a replacement stair, it may need to be built as a replica of the old stair. New Wave Fabrication can build replacement parts and arrays from a photo, using detailed blueprints, or based on your ideas on what is the best style and construction for your boat. Work with your representative to document any particular requirements including form, style and materials.

New Wave Fabrication – Boat Stairs Specs

The weight of the stair can also be an issue when operating the boat on a lake, sea or open ocean which is why New Wave Fabrication Tide Rider Stairs are the lightest weight and most durable construction available. This allows for a more maneuverable and safer boat. Conditions on the water can pose some unique challenges and it is best to work with a vendor that understands boat stairs are different from any other type of stairs. New Wave understands the unique requirements for boarding both boats and yachts with safety and confidence. This makes New Wave an invaluable resource for you marine products.

Metal Boat Stairs

New Wave Fabrication Can Help You Decide Which Boat Stair is Best for You!

New Wave Fabrication offers shipping throughout the United States. New Wave representatives will also ship boat stairs to many international destinations and may be able to provide discounted shipping rates in certain situations. Ask your New Wave customer service representative about any special shipping requests or to learn if your new boat stairs can be shipped to your location. They are available to help.

New Wave also offers bonded installation services within a limited service area. Even if you live outside the shipping area, you can still expect help with the installation. In those situations where New Wave Fabrication does not offer installation services in your area, the team at New Wave can usually direct you to a reputable installer in your area. Not only is it important to buy the best stairs, the proper installation of any equipment is also vital to the safety of any passengers, as well as the operational condition and value of the boat itself.

No Doubt About It, New Wave Boat Stairs are the Best!