Things to Consider when Choosing Sunseeker Yacht Ladders and Stairs

Boarding a your Sunseeker yacht can be made much easier with the right sea ladders and stairs. When choosing sea stairs and ladders, here are some things you should think about in order to ensure you have precisely the right one for your vessel.

Safety Features

One of the most important features of Sunseeker yacht ladders and stairs is safety. In order to keep people from slipping and falling on the stairs, consider adding non-stick treads to them. You’ll also want your ladder to extend far enough from the side of your yacht so that fingers and toes will not get caught in them while climbing. Your side rails should extend one to two feet above deck level in order to provide a firm place to hold onto when getting on board.

Material for Construction

There are a number of choices available when it comes to materials for boat stairs and ladders. Aluminum is lightweight and inexpensive, and is also durable enough for occasional use. Stainless steel is more expensive, but is also more rugged and durable, which means you can expect it to last longer. Both materials are rust proof and easy to mount. Plastic ladders should be avoided, since their narrow steps can be prone to cracking and breaking. Even so, they are excellent choices for stairs that are used to get from the dock to the boat because those devices have wider steps that are better able to absorb a great deal of weight and pressure.

Swim Platforms

The design of Sunseeker yacht ladders and stairs can be greatly affected by whether or not you would like a swim platform attached to them. Swim platforms can be designed to hold one or two persons, and some also have two ladders extending from them so that more than one person can climb on them at a time. When choosing ladders and stairs with a swim platform attached, be sure that the hardware is not exposed so that swimmers can avoid stepping on it. You should also choose a platform made from waterproof material that also contains a UV coating to keep it from fading. Recycled plastic board that resembles teak wood is an elegant yet attractive option to consider.

Folding vs. Permanent Fixtures

Another choice you will have to make involves folding vs. permanent fixtures. Yacht sea stairs can consist of one or two steps that are constructed of a single piece, or those that look somewhat like ladders do. The distance between your ship’s deck and its dock will largely determine the kind you need. When it comes to ladders, folding ones are best for occasional use, while a permanent one is required if passengers climb in and out of the water on a regular basis.

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