New Wave Specializes in Boarding Ladders and Stairs

The presence of proper boarding equipment is not only needed for functionality and convenience, but is essential to the overall safety of passengers on a vessel. At New Wave, their staff always keeps the safety of their customers in mind when building and manufacturing boat boarding ladders and parts.

Boarding Safety

According to a test performed by the U.S. Coast Guard and presented by the BoatUS Foundation, there are many safety concerns associated with not having the proper boarding equipment available on every vessel. In this test, experts said that small boats, particularly those shorter than 20 feet long, could be extremely hard to reboard without the appropriate equipment. For this reason, having the right boat ladders available is an absolute must where passenger safety is a concern.

Reboarding Structure Types

Also discovered during a test presented by the BoatUS Foundation, is the fact that there are many boarding structures and options that can provide passengers with the ability to safely reboard a boat. Among the many boarding items tested were things such as typical three-step ladders, rope ladders, one-step stirrup ladders and basic polyester straps for smaller vessels. Among other options for boat boarding ladders are folding ladders, stainless steel ladders and ones that may be attached directly to the side of the boat.

New Wave Boarding Instruments

At the top of New Wave’s priority list is customer safety and merchandise performance. At New Wave, the company makes sure that their customers are happy by making only the best quality decisions for each one’s boating needs. New Wave specializes in boat boarding ladders with their Tide Rider line. New Wave’s Tide Rider ladders make it easy to board a boat and keep the vessel looking sharp and sleek at the same time. New Wave Tide Rider ladders are durable, lightweight and built for even the toughest recreational activities.

New Wave Custom Boarding Options

While New Wave has some of the best boat boarding ladders and stairs, the company and its staff realizes that not every boat is the same, and when both safety and performance are key factors, the need for customizing a ladder and its parts is huge. In light of this, New Wave specializes in offering customers the option to customize their purchases to fit each vessel safely and securely. New Wave also manufactures parts and pieces that prevent rust and metal erosion and enhances installation.

Boarding Ladder Parts and Fits

New Wave also makes custom chokes, handrails, pins, wheels, inserts, gangplanks and more that will all help to enhance the safety and overall experience of passengers on board a vessel. Whether the vessel is a small Jon boat or a luxury yacht, New Wave is a great resource for boat owners who want to ensure their passengers of safety and performance. Furthermore, while no boat is exactly the same, every boat owner is likely to be in need of durable and customizable boat equipment.

By speaking to a New Wave sales representative, previous and new customers can get a one-on-one consultation to help answer any questions he or she may have about buying the right boat boarding ladder. With treatment like this, New Wave makes it easy for customers to customize and purchase everything a boat owner could need all at one location.


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