New Wave Fabrication – Leading Manufacturer of Marine Ladders & Accessories

Have you ever heard of New Wave Fabrication? Over the last few years, New Wave Fabrication has grown from a small fabrication shop in Florida, to a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium equipment and custom enhancements for yachts and boats. New Wave offers boat ladders, boat boarding stairs, yacht ladders, and accessories that are engineered and designed to complement your boat or yacht. These ladders and stairs are built with only the best, lightweight materials, and will stand up to heavy use in all types of weather and sea conditions. Lightweight, durable, attractive, and affordable, New Wave yacht stairs and ladders are the ideal addition to any boat or yacht.

New Wave Fabrication recently presented its latest offerings for stairs, ladders and accessories at boat shows in Florida. The reaction to the New Wave product line is consistently positive and immediate. Customers LOVE the form and function of stairs and ladders built by New Wave Fabrication. Unveiling the latest designs produces all kinds of favorable responses from the boating and yachting community. In fact, it’s not uncommon to hear “Wow!” or “Beautiful!” at a boat show featuring products from New Wave Fabrication.

Yacht and boat owners are impressed by the elegant lines and design touches available from New Wave Fabrication. For instance, the Tide Rider boarding stair is a must have for any boat or yacht owner that wants to board in style. With multiple styles available, these non-skid stair steps complement even the finest yacht. The convenient Tide Rider 2 folding step stair is turning heads with its compact design, discrete folding shape, and ease of use for narrow docks where larger stairs just won’t fit. The beautiful teak woods and inlays used for the steps of some of the New Wave yacht ladders also get a strong reaction in the marketplace. Custom designs blend fiberglass, aluminum, steel and wood beautifully. Yacht and boat owners are beginning to realize that stairs, ladders and accessories from New Wave Fabrication are the best in the market with their lightweight installation, durable construction, functional design, and attractively sleek appearance.

The team at New Wave Fabrication is expert in designing and building premium boat products using aluminum, steel and fiberglass. They have many years of experience in operating and maintaining boats and yachts, as well as a wealth of design and fabrication skills. In addition to their high quality lines of stairs and ladders, New Wave also offers accessories, handrails, chocks, arrays, and furnishings for boats and yachts. New Wave can even create custom designs built specifically to match dimensions, styles or even older boats that are being renovated. New Wave Fabrication understands that boat stairs and ladders must be lightweight yet strong, convenient yet compact, safe yet ultimately attractive. New Wave even builds yacht products to cut down on static electricity and maintain the structural integrity of the yacht itself. If you require custom boat stairs, ladders or additions to your yacht, contact a New Wave representative to get the best consultations, construction, and products available.

New Wave Fabrication is now taking custom orders, manufacturing, and distributing its premium line of boat boarding stairs, yacht ladders, accessories and products to a larger market. New Wave will continue to showcase its products at upcoming boat shows, trade shows and within boating and yachting communities nationwide. Ultimately, New Wave Fabrication is establishing itself as a leader in high-end yachting and boating products, while offering stairs and ladders at competitive prices. You do not have to pay high-end prices to get the best construction available. Contact New Wave Fabrication to get the right boat stair or ladder to meet your specific needs.


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