Ladders & Stairs for Your Viking Yacht

No matter what size, all boats and yachts need sturdy and durable stairs and ladders so that people can board and disembark safely. New Wave Fabrication makes a wide variety of stairs and ladders that are compatible with Viking yachts and boats. Stair accessories include a wide variety of items like wheels, pins, plates and mountings. Viking yacht ladders and stairs are built to last, while still being comfortable and stylishly attractive.

Top Quality Yacht Ladders

Top quality Viking yacht ladders are available for everything from small boats to the largest yachts and seafaring vessels. Manufactured in Florida, these ladders and stairs are necessary to meet the regulations mandated by government agencies to keep passengers safe during an emergency. Multiple designs and types of ladders and stairs can be found to fit almost any dock. It is crucial that every yacht ladder or set of stairs properly fits the dock where it will be used.

Safety and Durability

Viking yacht ladders are essential for the safe operation of any marine vessel, and a good, strong ladder is one of the most important pieces of equipment used on a boat or yacht. Do not simply seek out the cheapest ladder or set of stairs. It is important to purchase yacht ladders or stairs that are lightweight enough to handle easily, sturdy enough to support your passengers, made well by fine craftsmen and fit within your budget. Ladders and stairs should be installed by trained professionals, as safety is the number one item to consider when choosing a ladder for your boat or yacht.

Withstands Rough Seas

It is great to have Viking yacht ladders that shine with elegance, but when waters get rough, you want to make sure you have one that is strong enough to withstand a heavy storm. Regardless of the weight, size and design of the ladder or stairs you are purchasing, it is crucial that you find one that has durable tread and sturdy handrails to prevent passengers from slipping and falling. Also, it is important that each ladder or set of stairs is installed securely so that it remains firmly attached to the yacht, even in the most turbulent seas.

Replacement vs. Repair

It is not always necessary to completely replace broken boat and yacht ladders. Professional installers can let you know if your ladder can be repaired instead of replaced. All ladder accessories, such as wheels, pins, chocks and stairs can be purchased separately. These accessories can be used to repair Viking yacht ladders and stairs of almost any type.

Yacht Stairs

A variety of stairs are available that are both safe and attractive. Basic black non-skid steps are ideal for yachts and boats carrying older passengers who need maximum security. Faux teak steps are softer, but still durable, and teak inlay steps feature elegant designs. Your beautiful yacht or beloved boat will not be complete without reliable and visually appealing stairs or a strong, attractive ladder.

It is crucial that owners of yachts and boats purchase the appropriate ladders and stairs for their marine vessels. The size, design and durability of the stairs or ladders must be adequate to fit the docks and keep the passengers safe. In addition, it is vital that ladders and stairs be installed by qualified professionals for maximum security.


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