Ladders and Stairs Designed For Your Carver Boat or Yacht

Carver boats and yachts of all sizes are luxurious and comfortable vessels. But the most spacious and lavish yacht is incomplete without custom ladders and stairs that fit specific Carver models. A Carver boat ladder purchase would increase your family’s comfort and safety while on the water and of course, Carver boat stairs are of equal importance.

The Importance of Boat and Yacht Ladders and Stairs

New Wave Fabrication meticulously designs and manufactures ladders and stairs that are compatible with Carver models. Fine craftsmen create stylish and elegant ladders and stairs for your boat or yacht. Ladders and stairs on seafaring vessels are required by law to meet government agency regulations of boat passenger safety. During an emergency, access to a Carver boat ladder or set of stairs could make the difference between life and death.

Yacht Ladders Provide the Best in Safety, Comfort, and Durability

There are a vast variety of choices available to the Carver yacht owner. Our company manufactures many different designs and styles of yacht ladders. It is legally required that each yacht ladder must fit the dock where it will be used, for passengers’ safety. In rough seas, it is important that your yacht ladder is able to withstand the force of the storm. Our yacht ladders are guaranteed to provide safety and security in even the worst imaginable weather.

Yacht Stairs Combine Aesthetic Appeal with Safety and Comfort

Carver yacht stairs and boarding stairs are another necessity for every recreational water vessel, from the smallest to the largest and most spacious yacht. New Wave’s custom yacht stairs and boarding stairs guarantee comfort while boarding your Carver yacht. A wide variety of attractive and durable styles are available, depending on the size of your yacht and your own personal aesthetic preference. Our company also offers a wide variety of stair accessories, such as wheels, pins, and replacement parts.

Customized or Pre-Made Boat Ladders for Boats of All Sizes

Every Carver boat ladder is built to withstand rough waters and keep passengers safe while also maintaining a stylish appearance. Our company provides excellent customer service to those purchasing their first Carver boat ladder. For example, if your boat has unique dimensions, the professional and experienced designers and craftsmen at New Wave Fabrication will examine the vessel closely. A custom Carver boat ladder can be manufactured for your boat, or you can purchase one of our many various styles out of the box.

Boat Stairs

Carver boat stairs are a very important investment for your safety and comfort. Boat stairs are a requirement for boat owners, due to safety regulations and our Carver boat stairs are also highly stylish, attractive, and comfortable. Each boat’s dimensions and structure are unique. Thus, it’s always a wise decision to consult with a New Wave Fabrication representative before making a purchase. Our professionals will help you decide which set of Carver boat stairs is most appropriate for your particular vessel.

You might be considering a brand new ladder or set of stairs for your Carver yacht or boat. On the other hand, you might be looking for a replacement for an existing Carver boat ladder or yacht ladder. The marine industry professionals, designers, builders, and representatives at New Wave Fabrication are determined to provide quality customer service to those seeking new additions or improvements to their boat or yacht.


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