Ladders for Security and Convenience on Pontoon Boats

For many outdoor enthusiasts, taking their pontoon out on the lake is the best way to forget the troubles and stresses of everyday life. The gentle rocking of the water coupled with the peaceful serenity of nature is what makes boating such a popular sport among retirees and hobbyists. However, boat owners shouldn’t let their desire to get in tune with nature prevent them from making their pontoon as comfortable and safe as possible.

An Additional Safety Precaution

Every boat needs at least one ladder so that passengers can board safely. Even boats with a shallow deck ought to have a ladder. Installing a boat ladder helps ensure passengers remain in the boat by offering a sure footing during docking. Handrails and rungs on pontoon boat ladders give passengers something to hang on to as they climb to prevent them from falling overboard. This helps reduce the risk of tripping or becoming injured. Some boats require multiple pontoon boat ladders, depending on how many levels there are.

Mounting Styles

The large platform of the pontoon boat allows it to accommodate a number of people. Pontoon boats are perfect for socializing, fishing and diving. When equipped with a motor, pontoons make a great boat for jet skiing too. The open-deck design of a pontoon allows passengers to make the most of every inch of space. It is for this reason that most pontoon boat ladders are removable. Portable boat ladders are easily put up during boarding, then folded and stored away to keep the deck clear.

Usage Considerations

Before purchasing a pontoon boat ladder, consider how the ladder will be used. Decide how tall the ladder must be in order for passengers to climb safely from the dock to the boat deck. More than one pontoon boat ladder may be necessary if the watercraft has multiple levels. Also, consider on which side of the boat the ladder is to be mounted and where it will be stored when it is not in use. When deciding on a pontoon boat ladder, it is important to use a measuring tape to get accurate measurements. Don’t rely on rough estimations.

Construction Considerations

Boat ladders are made from a variety of materials, and come in a number of styles. Before making a purchase, boaters should think about who will be using the ladder. Seniors, children and people with joint issues benefit from ladders with reinforced hand railings and rubber stair treads. Boat ladders that need to be moved often should be made of lightweight materials and placed on wheels for convenience. Boaters who wish to accommodate their pets should choose ladders with no gaps between the steps to keep their four-legged friends safe.

For the passionate boater, nothing compares to a day on the water with friends and family. To take passengers from one adventure to another, it is important for every pontoon captain to make sure the boat is secure. No boat is completely safe without a boat ladder. Try our Tide Rider Ladders.


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