Houseboat Ladders: The One Essential for Every Houseboat Owner

While many sources may wish to argue that items such as a whistle, flair gun or life jacket may be the most important item found on a boat, every houseboat owner must agree that a custom houseboat ladder is an absolute essential item for every houseboat on the water.

House Boats

Not to be confused with boathouses, houseboats are large boats that have been built and designed for people to explore, ride and live in for extended periods of time. Unlike other types of watercraft vessels, houseboats may or may not be motorized. Since the 1940’s, houseboats have become extremely popular for all types of people to use for recreational, commercial and private living purposes. Currently, houseboats are manufactured and bought around the world and can be made with more than 2,000 square feet of living quarters.

Houseboat Ladder Types

Because houseboats are built for unique and specific uses, houseboat ladders must be designed and built to fit different model houseboats. Much like other ladders used for boating, houseboat ladders come in all shapes, sizes and materials. From ladders with non-slip steps to wooden and metal ladders, houseboat ladders come in a selection almost as big as the houseboats themselves.

Houseboat Ladders

Houseboat ladders are a basic piece of equipment that should be found on a proper boating checklist. For safety and convenience, houseboat ladders are essential for both on deck and off deck needs. Certain boat ladders may be made in sizes past 72 inches with multiple step options. It is crucial that marine supply companies build all their ladders with the most durable and safe materials. However, those materials should be made to be functional and lightweight at the same time. A typical boating ladder may weigh anywhere from 10-40 pounds or more, depending on the intended use.

Houseboat Ladder Uses

While an average boating vessel may only have the need for one ladder on board, many houseboat owners may find themselves in need of more than one ladder to accommodate them on their houseboat. Because houseboats are actually built for human dwelling, some houseboats may have pool slides attached to them or have a second ladder going up to a sunroof above the main houseboat level. For this reason, many companies offer different kinds of ladders to use on houseboats.

Tide Riders versus Other Ladders

Houseboat owners looking for a dependable ladder to fit their houseboat may want to look into purchasing a New Wave Tide Rider ladder. Because of customization options, Tide Rider ladders can be made to match any boat’s water line so that it looks original to the vessel. Tide Rider ladders may be built and designed to fit the side, bow or stern of a vessel and may be installed separately for a custom fit.

When all said and done, whether a boat owner is just going for an afternoon ride or sailing around the world, boat owners everywhere will want to make sure they have purchased the best houseboat ladder before they launch their vessel on the next big outing.


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