Hatteras Ladders: World Renowned Custom Ladders For Your Hatteras

While New Wave Fabrication offers more than just ladders and boarding stairs, the company employs and works with some of the best artisans in the industry. In light of this, the company is able to remake and customize many different brand models and has built relationships with industry leaders. For New Wave customers, this means that they are able to purchase custom fit ladders for their Hatteras yachts and boats.

Hatteras History

Beginning in 1959, when Hatteras first introduced its debut yacht called the Knit Wits, Hatteras Yachts is a luxury yacht and sporting boat manufacturer that is now known around the United States and abroad. Originally based in North Carolina, Hatteras now has manufacturing plants in many locations, including Florida. Hatteras is known for making the first fiberglass yacht over 40 feet long. Since its launch, Hatteras has produced more than 7600 watercraft models and continues to manufacture state of the art vessels.

Boat Ladder Specifics

Like other ladder types, boat ladders may come in wood, aluminum, stainless steel or other durable materials. When looking for a new boat ladder, boat owners should know where they would install the ladder. A boat ladder may be made specifically for installation at the transom, gunwale, dock and other locations. There are also other ladders types made for pontoon boats and for diving or boarding purposes. Boat owners should also decide how many rungs or steps a ladder should have to fit their boat perfectly.

Built Like a Hatteras

Made to compliment an elite line of Hatteras yachts and sport boats, New Wave is able to recreate dependable ladders that will match and fit Hatteras vessels. Because of the high quality level of manufacturing done by Hatteras, there are only a few companies who truly understand the Hatteras kind of luxury and dependability. Fortunately, New Wave is one of those few companies who take quality and customization seriously.

Why Buy a Hatteras Custom Fit Ladder

Hatteras Yachts manufacture some of the most luxurious and elite line of yachts in the world. Buying a ladder that will properly fit a Hatteras vessel is a good idea for many reasons. Whether the boat owner currently owns a Hatteras manufactured boat or a different brand vessel, buying a ladder with a custom fit will ensure both safety for passengers and will allow the ladder to last a lot longer than otherwise expected. When buying from New Wave, these ladders are built with the same love and care as the Hatteras manufacturers.

With luxury at its core, Hatteras parts and ladders are made to the highest quality specifications and New Wave is a company who recognizes quality at its finest. We build our ladders to match this upscale quality. You’ll find our ladders are better than any in the industry. Give us a call today to get started on your new ladder.


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