Choosing a Safe Boarding Ladder for Your Beneteau Boat

After you’ve had your brand new boat ladder installed, you must learn how to safely board passengers in order to prevent accidents and injuries. One wrong step could have you or them on the floor—or worse—in the water. New Wave Fabrication will make sure your ladder or stairs are installed properly for the safety of you and your passengers.

Proper Size and Installation

The first thing you need to do begins prior to installation. When selecting your sea stairs or ladder, make sure you select a ladder that is the proper size so that it fits into place. If you have a Beneteau boat, New Wave Fabrication has you covered, for they offer Beneteau boat ladders in various shapes and sizes that are built specifically for Beneteau boats. Never buy an old, used ladder for your boat, for you want one that is custom made to support your weight.

Safety Features

One of the most significant aspects of Beneteau sea ladders is safety. New Wave Fabrication offers the option to add non-stick treads to the ladder to prevent slips and falls. You also want your ladder to extend away from the boat, giving your feet enough room for stepping while keeping them from getting caught in the ladder. If your boat has stairs, however, the side handles should be positioned approximately one to two feet above deck level to ensure a firm and comfortable grip while boarding.

Parking the Boat

When parking the boat, try to bring it as close to the dock as possible to minimize the gap between the boat and the dock. This is crucial when entering or exiting the boat using a ladder. Boat stairs, however, give you more room for error. Also, park the boat carefully and slowly to avoid colliding with the dock or other objects. Once the boat is parked, tie it securely to the pier so that it doesn’t move or shake while passengers are boarding.

Boarding the Boat

Use the hand rails when you ascend the boat stairs. The last thing to want to do is lose your balance, causing you to fall. Climb the stairs slowly, keeping an eye on your feet. Never text while climbing the stairs and ask for assistance when carrying heavy bags aboard the boat. Remember to board the boat one at a time. Give the person in front of you enough space so they don’t accidentally kick or push you. Only climb up the ladder once it is completely clear.

New Wave Fabrication offers ladders in both aluminum and steel for Beneteau boats. All ladders and boat stairs are constructed with care for superior durability. They are then finished off with a glossy, chrome plated finish for added attractiveness. Beneteau boat ladders will make an excellent addition to your boat or yacht. Remember to use caution and never rush when ascending these ladders. No matter how much of a hurry you in, your safety is most important.


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