About New Wave Fab

New Wave Fabrication has been fabricating commercial grade marine products using stainless steel and aluminum in Florida for many years. During that time, New Wave has developed more expertise, knowledge and experience than any of its competitors. New Wave offers premium stairs and ladders for boats and yachts, as well as parts and accessories for marine vessels of all types, shapes, locations and purposes.

Paul Noel started New Wave fabrication in order to serve the boaters, fisherman and yacht owners of Boynton Beach, Florida. Paul and his team in fact serve the local boating community by building and selling only the finest marine products on the market, listening to their customers, and building exactly what they need down to the smallest unit of measure. If you own a boat or yacht in Boynton Beach, chances are your boat features a part, accessory or upgrade that came from New Wave Fabrication.

Luxury, Comfort and Ultimate Safety on the Water.

Although New Wave began as a small custom fabrication shop, it has grown to be one of the leaders in the marine supply industry nationwide and even worldwide. This is largely due to its lightweight ladders, durable boarding stairs, and variety of parts and accessories. New Wave employs a team of master craftsmen, designers, engineers, and salespeople that know the marine industry, the boats, the yachts, and the equipment associated. Depending on what type of boat you own, what you use it for, or even if you intend to sail your yacht around the world, contact the master craftsmen at New Wave to inquire about repairs, upgrades, and special requests.

The builders at New Wave Fabrication can build to detailed specifications, or build to match existing equipment, or even replace a part that is no longer available. This is especially important for the owner of an antique yacht or a boat remodel or renovation project. Just ask a New Wave representative about your specific requirement and chances are, they have built it before and built it better than any other manufacturer.

Durable and Stylish Ladders for Boating and Sailing.

Your safety and the safety of your friends and family are the number one priority at New Wave. This is followed closely by style, form and function. New Wave ladders are the lightest and finest available. New Wave boarding stairs are the most durable and convenient on the market. A stainless steel bow plate will protect your boat from damage or sinking in an accident. New Wave marine products are innovative, attractive, built to specification, and always constructed and tested with safety as the first priority.

Sailing can be dangerous and any mistake is expensive. With certified fabrication methods and expertly trained designers and builders, New Wave will help you maintain, enhance and enjoy your marine vessel to the fullest. All of this is delivered with excellent customer service and unmatched attention to detail.

New Wave Helps You Enjoy Your Marine Vessel to the Fullest!

The team at New Wave Fabrication knows boats and yachts because they know life on the water in and around South Florida is as good as it gets. Contact New Wave to learn more about the possibilities for your boat or yacht.