Tide Rider Stairs


Boat Stairs

Premium Tide Rider Boarding Stairs are available in multiple sizes, styles and configurations. Durable and stylish, Tide Rider Stairs come with wheels for easy use, and fold up for quick and efficient storage. Handrails on one or both sides of the ladder assist with boarding so everyone in the family or party can safely board the boat. Standard stairs have 6 to 9 rungs or stairs and a walkway that is 19 inches in width. However, other sizes and configurations are available and New Wave can also customize a Boarding Stair using various materials to meet your individual needs.

Tide Rider Stairs from New Wave are light enough in weight that one person can easily handle them. Even with this lightweight Boarding Stair construction, Tide Rider stairs are still sturdy enough for secure use in all weather conditions. This is because New Wave offers only the best materials and construction methods available. Good for commercial or recreational uses; Tide Rider Stairs are an excellent, functional accessory for boats of all shapes and sizes!

More Details

Stair Size Deck to Dock Height Stowed Length Stowed Thickness Weight
6 to 48″ 67″ 3 3/4″ 38 LBS
7 49 – 56″ 77″ 3 3/4″ 48 LBS
8 57 – 64″ 87″ 3 3/4″ 58 LBS
9 65 -72 “ 97″ 3 3/4″ 68 LBS

* Stair Width: All Standard Stairs have 19″ walkway and are 21″ overall.

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