Azimut Yacht Ladders and Stairs Options from New Wave Fabrication

New Wave Fabrication is a company that has been providing top-notch Azimut yacht ladders and stairs for more than 30 years. The company offers a large selection of sea stairs and sea ladders that are custom built for Azimut yachts.

Why should you Choose New Wave Fabrication?

New Wave Fabrication is known for its variety of aluminum and steel fabrication for Azimut yachts. The products that this company produces are high quality, and are regarded as the greatest in the marine business. It is important to choose the best and most durable products available for your luxury yacht; Azimut yacht ladders and stairs, created by New Wave Fabrication, are the finest yacht products around.

New Wave Fabrication Stairs for Azimut Yachts

A wide variety of durable, stylish, comfortable, and safe yacht sea stairs for Azimut yachts are offered to customers. These stairs are built with care, and are guaranteed to last for years to come. There are 3 grades of marine stairs available for those who are customizing or renovating their Azimut yacht. Each of these grades have numerous designs that are available, so you can customize them to fit the unique design of your yacht.

The 3 Grades of Marine Stairs Available

This is a company that is known for giving customers a variety to choose from to fit their individual styles. The first grade of marine stairs is the black non-skid Step, which is the standard stair that guarantees safe boarding and durability. The second grade of stairs is known as the faux teak step, which is an aesthetically pleasing choice that is soft and durable at the same time. The third grade of stairs is the teak inlay step, which is a high-end stair that has elegantly designed touches, teak styles, and is a perfect addition to any Azimut yacht.

New Wave Fabrication Ladders for Azimut Yachts

The varieties of Azimut yacht ladders and stairs that are available are endless. The ladders offered are regarded as the best in the business, and are designed and built in Florida by people who understand and love yachts just as much as their clients do. When it comes to designing or renovating a yacht, choosing a ladder is the most important choice you will make. New Wave offers lower prices than competing brands, yet still provides high-quality, lightweight, superior ladders.

Tide Rider Ladders for Azimut Yachts

Tide Rider ladders are a great choice for your Azimut yacht. The most important things about finding a good ladder is that it is durable and safe, and Tide Rider ladders are long-lasting ladders that provide safety for all passengers. These ladders come in many different heights, are very functional, and any sales representative at New Wave is available and happy to assist you with custom dimensions, installations, and configurations for these ladders.

Numerous features make New Wave Fabrication a great choice for those who are searching for the perfect Azimut yacht ladders and stairs. If you are searching for ladders or stairs for your yacht or boat, New Wave Fabrication is the company for you.


Ladders & Stairs for Your Viking Yacht

No matter what size, all boats and yachts need sturdy and durable stairs and ladders so that people can board and disembark safely. New Wave Fabrication makes a wide variety of stairs and ladders that are compatible with Viking yachts and boats. Stair accessories include a wide variety of items like wheels, pins, plates and mountings. Viking yacht ladders and stairs are built to last, while still being comfortable and stylishly attractive.

Top Quality Yacht Ladders

Top quality Viking yacht ladders are available for everything from small boats to the largest yachts and seafaring vessels. Manufactured in Florida, these ladders and stairs are necessary to meet the regulations mandated by government agencies to keep passengers safe during an emergency. Multiple designs and types of ladders and stairs can be found to fit almost any dock. It is crucial that every yacht ladder or set of stairs properly fits the dock where it will be used.

Safety and Durability

Viking yacht ladders are essential for the safe operation of any marine vessel, and a good, strong ladder is one of the most important pieces of equipment used on a boat or yacht. Do not simply seek out the cheapest ladder or set of stairs. It is important to purchase yacht ladders or stairs that are lightweight enough to handle easily, sturdy enough to support your passengers, made well by fine craftsmen and fit within your budget. Ladders and stairs should be installed by trained professionals, as safety is the number one item to consider when choosing a ladder for your boat or yacht.

Withstands Rough Seas

It is great to have Viking yacht ladders that shine with elegance, but when waters get rough, you want to make sure you have one that is strong enough to withstand a heavy storm. Regardless of the weight, size and design of the ladder or stairs you are purchasing, it is crucial that you find one that has durable tread and sturdy handrails to prevent passengers from slipping and falling. Also, it is important that each ladder or set of stairs is installed securely so that it remains firmly attached to the yacht, even in the most turbulent seas. Continue reading


Ladders for Security and Convenience on Pontoon Boats

For many outdoor enthusiasts, taking their pontoon out on the lake is the best way to forget the troubles and stresses of everyday life. The gentle rocking of the water coupled with the peaceful serenity of nature is what makes boating such a popular sport among retirees and hobbyists. However, boat owners shouldn’t let their desire to get in tune with nature prevent them from making their pontoon as comfortable and safe as possible.

An Additional Safety Precaution

Every boat needs at least one ladder so that passengers can board safely. Even boats with a shallow deck ought to have a ladder. Installing a boat ladder helps ensure passengers remain in the boat by offering a sure footing during docking. Handrails and rungs on pontoon boat ladders give passengers something to hang on to as they climb to prevent them from falling overboard. This helps reduce the risk of tripping or becoming injured. Some boats require multiple pontoon boat ladders, depending on how many levels there are.

Mounting Styles

The large platform of the pontoon boat allows it to accommodate a number of people. Pontoon boats are perfect for socializing, fishing and diving. When equipped with a motor, pontoons make a great boat for jet skiing too. The open-deck design of a pontoon allows passengers to make the most of every inch of space. It is for this reason that most pontoon boat ladders are removable. Portable boat ladders are easily put up during boarding, then folded and stored away to keep the deck clear. Continue reading


Houseboat Ladders: The One Essential for Every Houseboat Owner

While many sources may wish to argue that items such as a whistle, flair gun or life jacket may be the most important item found on a boat, every houseboat owner must agree that a custom houseboat ladder is an absolute essential item for every houseboat on the water.

House Boats

Not to be confused with boathouses, houseboats are large boats that have been built and designed for people to explore, ride and live in for extended periods of time. Unlike other types of watercraft vessels, houseboats may or may not be motorized. Since the 1940’s, houseboats have become extremely popular for all types of people to use for recreational, commercial and private living purposes. Currently, houseboats are manufactured and bought around the world and can be made with more than 2,000 square feet of living quarters.

Houseboat Ladder Types

Because houseboats are built for unique and specific uses, houseboat ladders must be designed and built to fit different model houseboats. Much like other ladders used for boating, houseboat ladders come in all shapes, sizes and materials. From ladders with non-slip steps to wooden and metal ladders, houseboat ladders come in a selection almost as big as the houseboats themselves. Continue reading


Hatteras Ladders: World Renowned Custom Ladders For Your Hatteras

While New Wave Fabrication offers more than just ladders and boarding stairs, the company employs and works with some of the best artisans in the industry. In light of this, the company is able to remake and customize many different brand models and has built relationships with industry leaders. For New Wave customers, this means that they are able to purchase custom fit ladders for their Hatteras yachts and boats.

Hatteras History

Beginning in 1959, when Hatteras first introduced its debut yacht called the Knit Wits, Hatteras Yachts is a luxury yacht and sporting boat manufacturer that is now known around the United States and abroad. Originally based in North Carolina, Hatteras now has manufacturing plants in many locations, including Florida. Hatteras is known for making the first fiberglass yacht over 40 feet long. Since its launch, Hatteras has produced more than 7600 watercraft models and continues to manufacture state of the art vessels.

Boat Ladder Specifics

Like other ladder types, boat ladders may come in wood, aluminum, stainless steel or other durable materials. When looking for a new boat ladder, boat owners should know where they would install the ladder. A boat ladder may be made specifically for installation at the transom, gunwale, dock and other locations. There are also other ladders types made for pontoon boats and for diving or boarding purposes. Boat owners should also decide how many rungs or steps a ladder should have to fit their boat perfectly.

Built Like a Hatteras

Made to compliment an elite line of Hatteras yachts and sport boats, New Wave is able to recreate dependable ladders that will match and fit Hatteras vessels. Because of the high quality level of manufacturing done by Hatteras, there are only a few companies who truly understand the Hatteras kind of luxury and dependability. Fortunately, New Wave is one of those few companies who take quality and customization seriously.

Why Buy a Hatteras Custom Fit Ladder

Hatteras Yachts manufacture some of the most luxurious and elite line of yachts in the world. Buying a ladder that will properly fit a Hatteras vessel is a good idea for many reasons. Whether the boat owner currently owns a Hatteras manufactured boat or a different brand vessel, buying a ladder with a custom fit will ensure both safety for passengers and will allow the ladder to last a lot longer than otherwise expected. When buying from New Wave, these ladders are built with the same love and care as the Hatteras manufacturers.

With luxury at its core, Hatteras parts and ladders are made to the highest quality specifications and New Wave is a company who recognizes quality at its finest. We build our ladders to match this upscale quality. You’ll find our ladders are better than any in the industry. Give us a call today to get started on your new ladder.